Goals for Audacity Dance

Our goal is to create a vibrant West Coast Swing dance community, support local community events and charities and provide quality, value for money tuition to Canberrans.

Our Mission

We’ve set our sights on bringing the joy of West Coast Swing  to Canberra by bringing you the best in local and interstate dance teachers in Canberra.

Our Teachers

Our teachers attend regular workshops and private lessons with professionals to ensure their dancing and knowledge of West Coast Swing is polished and up to date.

Audacity Dance Principals

Husband and wife team, Karolina and Mark have a wealth of dance experience.  They fell in love with West Coast Swing in the mid 2000s and were so enamoured by the smooth and expressive dance style known as West Coast Swing that they decided to be evangelists in Canberra.  West Coast Swing is a fantastic partner dance and offers the best of all dance styles with its incredible creative freedom.